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tuition skipton1st Class Tutors Skipton Tuition

Welcome to 1st Class Tutors, 1st Class Tuition Skipton, North Yorkshire. 1st Class is set up to provide a high quality teaching service in the local areas of Skipton, the Yorkshire Dales, Craven and Harrogate. All the tutors are local and know the area well and are experts qualified in their subject area. If you need a tutor, please get in touch.

Listen to my recent StrayFM interview, where you can hear from some of my local students and tips on how your child can improve their learning when it comes to English and Maths at school.


If you would like to tutor for us ring Lynne Wilkin on 07976 290 251 or 01756 793 893 and click for more information 

Our Mission Statement

We believe that each person is unique and therefore needs a personal and effective, tailored learning plan. Our mission is to provide a well-planned, valuable and caring service, provided by professional, qualified tutors.

A good private tutor will build confidence and knowledge as well as help to create the mindset to succeed.

Comprehensive lesson planning, feedback and assessment.

At first class we provide a comprehensive service, which includes:

  • A free assessment visit to assess ability to tailor the sessions to the student
  • Well organised and resourced sessions
  • Regular feedback to evaluate progress
  • Up to date understanding of exam syllabus
  • Qualified and committed and DBS (CITB) checked tutors, which have been interviewed and reference checked
  • Where possible establishing working relationships between tutor and local schools

Tuition delivered in an environment to be decided by parent and tutor.

Our 3 Simple Steps to Tuition in Skipton

Tuition in SkiptonTuition in Skipton tuition in skipton

Call Lynne on 07976 290 251