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My Experience at Stray FM

My experience of Radio I am not a reserved person or even a shy person, but I am not really good at selling myself. My role as a teacher is about building other peoples confidence, creating an environment where students feel able to talk freely and feel safe to say “not sure I can do […]

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the goshawk book

What Is Your Favourite Book?

What Is Your Favourite Book? I am reading a wonderful book called “The Goshawk” but this is a revisit for me. I tend to only read a book once and never revisit/re read. But the reason I revisited this book, is because I read it in my teens, it was a book that had an […]

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maths tutor in skipton

Parents of Primary and Secondary school pupils

Parents of Primary and Secondary school pupils are often frightened and confused by the Maths homework their children bring home. One national newspaper stated that: Many parents admit they struggle to help their children with maths topics such as long division, fractions and percentages, despite finding the subject useful in their working life, according to […]

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Maths, you either like it or loath it

Maths, you either like it or loath it. The word Maths can create such anxiety and in some cases real dread for all ages. I was talking to a friend recently and he said how much “he disliked Maths” and “just couldn’t do it and didn’t want to do it”. It is true that people […]

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teachers always assess 1st class tutors skipton

Teachers Always Assess

Teachers Always Assess This week someone said to me that Teachers can’t be Assessors, as if there was a clear distinction between the jobs roles. I disagree, Teachers are always assessing, we assess the first time we meet a student, so we know that starting point, so we can identify the main areas for development. […]

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I love teaching in Skipton

I love teaching in Skipton I love teaching, I love seeing the light come on in a students eyes, when they “get” something. This week one of my students was struggling with dividing fraction so our session was spent working on that area. Adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing fractions can be difficult for students. With […]

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