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How do you choose a tutor for your child?

Parents, how do you know if a tutor is a qualified teacher and can really help your child? How do you know if what you are asked to pay is the right or fair amount? How do you know for how long a tutor should tutor your child? Here are the questions we think you should ask a prospective tutor...

Do you offer a free assessment?

My advice is to meet with the tutor, on your own terms, this has to be a free assessment meeting. Do not just jump straight in to tuition without an assessment meeting first. Ask about their qualifications, what subject are they qualified in and where do they teach. How long have they been tutoring. Also this is a good opportunity to see how your child works and responds to the tutor. Do not make your decision, then and there, discuss everything together first.
Also ask for references and whether they have a CRB or equivalent check


What do you charge?

Do your research, every area has a slightly different price range, for example in London, the price can be £40 or higher, but generally tutorial sessions should be from £20 to £35, again this depends on the quality of the tutor and their experience and knowledge. If you need for example a Science or Economics tutor, which are very difficult to get, then you expect to pay more.


How do you assess and report progress?

There is a suggestion that teachers do private tutoring just for the money, but all good teachers, love teaching and complete all teaching in a professional and structured way. They need to see improvement just like you; they want the student to pass that exam just as much as you. It is an investment to them. So payment should be for a learning progress and there should be constant feedback to the student and parents. A tutor should take time after the session to explain the progress made. Also a testing method should be in place to assess progress. For example if you have an 11 plus Tutor, regular tests should be part of the tutorial process.


Can you help with my child’s individual needs? What is your tutoring style?

The first important question is why do you need a tutor? Is it because you feel that your child needs extra help to pass an exam or test? If that is the case then the idea of a Tutor is straight forward you need a Tutor that specialises in that Exam, for example an English Teacher for the English A level or a Primary Teacher for 11plus tuition. If it is help with motivation or confidence building, you need a Tutor that understands the student and also understands the many different teaching methods to build confidence. Again this will be evident in the assessment process; a good teacher will be able to clearly demonstrate the different methods of confidence building, which in turn will lead to a more motivated student.


Do you create a tutoring plan?

Most children don’t need a tutor for every subject, and for the full school year. Instead, there should be a plan by the tutor, firstly a 6 weeks plan, then an agreed plan of action that both Parents and Teacher agrees. A good teacher will say when she/he is not needed anymore.

Remember these questions…

What are your qualifications? Do you offer an initial assessment? What methods do you use to assess progress? Do you have a 6 week teaching plan?

Key Information

Contact Details

Call: 07976 290 251
24 Moorview Way Skipton BD23 2JW

Tuition details

£30 per hour
At student’s or tutor’s house
DBS (CITB) checked with references
Payment vie bank transfer, cash or cheque