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english TUITION


Private English tuition for your child in Skipton

My mission is to provide value added tuition, to get that higher grade, but also to create a safe, caring and workable atmosphere, to aid learning.

At 1st Class I offer English courses for children of all ages. We focus on the pupil’s areas of concern and / or what your child needs. We can be a supplement to their normal schooling or a condensed period of tuition to aid with the passing of exams including GCSE and A level.

Whatever your requirements, I am flexible and committed to excellence and will ensure your child is given the best opportunity to succeed.

Whether it is at primary school, GCSE or A level we can design specifically to suit the individual pupil and help them achieve their personal goal.


Key Stages 1-5

All stages of GCSE curriculum

A-Level English Language and English Literature

AQA, Edexcel and OCR boards covered

Continuous feedback and assessment

Up to date exam practise through workshops

Exam paper practise with marking and in-depth analysis and review


Being a confident speller is key to success in English Language and Literature. If my student’s are not confident spelling more complex words, their exam answers will suffer. Throughout my English tutoring session we will work through a comprehensive spelling list which is practised at the beginning and end of each session. This supports the subject-based tutoring sessions.

English Language

Your child develops a variety of skills during his/her schooling years and any of these may need to be developed, honed or improved. These include their ability to concentrate and study, motivation, confidence and more specifically the tools that ensure that your child is no longer frustrated by spelling, grammar and punctuation:

  • Phonetics and spelling
  • Sentence construction
  • Word recognition
  • Vocabulary development
  • Reading and writing comprehension
  • Feedback and assessment

English Literature

Fear is a barrier to the success of students in English Literature because they feel they don’t understand the texts they are studying. Breaking down the text to reduce fear makes it easier to understand and then be able to analyse the writing. Adding context to the piece of writing can help the student to understand the pieces better. When it was written? Which period it was written about? What the social norms were at the time? The more you read the greater your understanding of authors, writing styles and the way words and sentences are used to create atmosphere and description.
  • Compare and contrast different writing styles
  • Analysing texts
  • Analysis of poetry and fiction
  • Analysis of Shakespeare
  • Analysing anthology
  • 20th Century writers

Key Information

Contact Details

Call: 07976 290 251
24 Moorview Way Skipton BD23 2JW

Tuition details

£30 per hour
At student’s or tutor’s house
DBS (CITB) checked with references
Payment vie bank transfer, cash or cheque