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Tuition for the 11+ Entrance Exams for Skipton
& Local Schools

Some of our local schools that have an 11+ Entrance Exam requirement include Skipton Girls’ High School and Ermysted’s Grammar School.

Tuition for these tests including an assessment to gauge strengths and weaknesses in all areas of the test.

Topics and Skills
Topics are revised and skills are reinforced for:
Mathematics, English comprehension and grammar, word recognition and meanings for verbal reasoning and non-verbal reasoning.

Test Preparation
In addition, we will work with you and your child on preparation for the tests themselves.
This includes examination technique and timing, application of skills taught, re-focus techniques and best practice for the weeks running up to the examination.

Our 11+ Tuition service is tailored to each pupil. We…

Design and create targeted practice papers that have the same format and structure as the 11+ exams.

Deliver lessons that are uniquely designed and adapated to reflect the progress that your child is making.

Use up to date resources and the latest knowledge from local schools.

Provide formal monthly assessments.

Have a clear understanding of exam techniques and processes.

11+ Tuition with Dr. Carole Cooper

Dr Carole Cooper has a PhD in Materials Science at UMIST, Manchester and has completed a research Fellowship into carbon nanotubes at the Weizmann Institute in Israel.

Carole taught Science for 18 years at an Independent Prep School in Hove. She then became the Director of Studies, managing all educational matters in the school, before moving to Yorkshire to be nearer to her family.

Carole has experience in administrating Entrance Exams and the understanding of the structure and format of examination days. Carole knows that children get understandably anxious about taking exams and through providing structure, reassurance and understanding of each aspect of the exam papers, every child can feel more confident in their ability to take the entrance exams.

Examples of Entrance Exams

Below you will find two different examples of how schools arrange their 11+ entrance exams.

Both Skipton Girl’s High School and Ermysted’s Grammar School have good information on their websites on the entrance requirements for their schools. Both use the publisher GL Assessments for their paper tests which are marked in school. This enables the school to generate an age-appropriate standardised score.

We also work with pupils working towards the entrance exams for other local secondary schools and private schools. 

This is an example of how Skipton Girl’s High School have previously run their 11+ entrance exams. 

English – around 45-50 minutes. There are two extracts from literature with comprehension questions plus questions which may include spelling, punctuation and grammar.

Mathematics – around 50 minutes.

Verbal reasoning (VR) – around 50 minutes.

All three papers are multiple choice.

This is an example of how Ermysted’s Grammar School have previously run their entrance exams.

This school gives two papers for their entrance exam, each around 50 minutes in duration:
Mathematics and non-Verbal reasoning

English and Verbal reasoning

Both papers are multiple choice.

At 1st Class Tutors we provide a comprehensive tuition service, which includes:

  • A free assessment visit to assess ability to tailor the sessions to the student
  • A 6 week teaching plan with flexibility for every child’s needs
  • Well organised and resourced sessions
  • Regular feedback to evaluate progress
  • Up to date understanding of exam syllabus
  • Qualified and committed teachers, DBS (CITB) checked with references
  • Where possible establishing working relationships between tutor and local schools
  • Tuition delivered in an environment to be decided by parent and tutor

Key Information

Contact Details

Call: 07976 290 251
24 Moorview Way Skipton BD23 2JW

Tuition details

£30 per hour
At student’s or tutor’s house
DBS (CITB) checked with references
Payment via bank transfer, cash or cheque