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My Experience at Stray FM

My experience of Radio

I am not a reserved person or even a shy person, but I am not really good at selling myself. My role as a teacher is about building other peoples confidence, creating an environment where students feel able to talk freely and feel safe to say “not sure I can do that”.

So when it was suggested that I completed an interview to promote my tuition business, I said “I’m not sure I can do that”, I had so many doubts:

What did I have to say?
Why would anyone be interested in me?
Could it be boring?
What would I sound like?

I know that I stand up in front of a class of students and that in fairness I do a lot of talking, hopefully, it is useful information I impart. And as many people will say “Teachers do like the sound of their own voice”. But for me, it was terrifying to have my views and teaching recorded. But there was another side of me that wanted to face that “demon”
I really wanted to give it a go.

When I got to stray FM, Beth and James met me and almost immediately I felt at ease, well that was till I entered the studio. Something about the process of recording (and luckily my recording was not live) made me say things the wrong way round. For example, I was explaining how to turn a fraction into a percentage and got the fraction the wrong way round. My brain was not engaged with the mouth. Beth reassured me and made sensible comments to encourage and provided useful help and advice. Thank you, Beth.

When I drove away from the recording studios I knew I had done the right thing, because even though I was scared, I also wanted to tell people about my passion for teaching and my belief in 1st Class Tutors.

In fairness, I am not a radio star, but I did do this and when I heard the recording for the first time, I realised I did not sound too bad, thankfully to a lot of editing by Beth.

I am still not “sure I can do that” but as I tell my students, “face your demons” and I did.

Thank you, Stray FM

You can listen in full to my interview below:


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