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GCSE Results Day

The build up to the exam results is a strange and anxious time.  For example, it has been a good 3 months, since all the tension and hard work of the actual exams and since then you have worked, played and generally relaxed, but at the back of your mind there has always been the result day.

This day is everything, to you at this moment in time.  Did you get the grades you needed to enter Sixth form or College or that Apprenticeship scheme? Or worst still, will you have to re-sit, those dreaded English or Maths, that you need to get any kind of good job?

I know those deep anxieties, as a teacher, I go through the same worries as you, every time before the results and I’ve been doing this for quite some years now.  On the morning of the result day, I pace the floor till my student’s ring or text me to let me know how they have done. For me, those results are everything to you and therefore everything to me, I can’t make a difference if you can’t make a difference.  Your dreams to succeed and access your future, is why I teach, I want to provide the help and support for you to get there and I do not want to fail in doing that.

But in honesty it’s too late to worry now.  You have tried your best, you worked right up to the last day of exams, you studied and revised, you could not have done anymore.  What more could any teacher ask of you.

It is going to be wonderful on Result Day, just please let me know how you did, so I can stop pacing.