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I love teaching in Skipton


I love teaching in Skipton

I love teaching, I love seeing the light come on in a students eyes, when they “get” something. This week one of my students was struggling with dividing fraction so our session was spent working on that area. Adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing fractions can be difficult for students. With Maths there is no grey areas, it is what it is, so if you know the method, you have a tool that helps you succeed. My task is to explain and teach the method and demystify Maths.

The key to adding and subtracting fractions is getting the denominator (the bottom part of the fraction) the same on all the fractions you are adding or subtracting. Multiplication you just times the fraction at the top and bottom of the fraction. But with division you have to flip the second fraction then use the method for times a fraction.

When I write this down it does not work it still is confusing, that is why pictures are important, working examples, so students can work through them with you. So they can actually see how it works.


These examples are from the BBC website, which I highly recommend for revision. Here is the link for your reference
The student I mention got 100% correct at the next test on Fractions. That is what teaching is all about.


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