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Maths, you either like it or loath it

maths in skipton

Maths, you either like it or loath it. The word Maths can create such anxiety and in some cases real dread for all ages. I was talking to a friend recently and he said how much “he disliked Maths” and “just couldn’t do it and didn’t want to do it”.

It is true that people tend to be good at Maths or good at English and being good at something means that in most cases you like that subject. But, if in those first days at school a child can’t understand Maths or English and is not provided with the tools to understand the subject, this will surely build fear and also the real believe that they can’t do Maths or can’t spell and write.

I do think that some people are better at English then Maths and the other way round. But, I also feel that if you are provided with the right tools that you can succeed at both and no longer be scared, but get that wonderful feeling of achieving and facing your worst fears.

At GCSE level all students have to achieve a C or above in English and Maths, and all workplaces want their staff to have a C or above in both English and Maths. So being able to provide the tools for all students both children and adults, to take away the fears and build up confidence is vital.

My message, do not let past bad experiences dictate your future, anyone can do Maths and English, and I know I can help you achieve that.

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