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Parents of Primary and Secondary school pupils

maths tutor in skipton

maths tutor in skipton

Parents of Primary and Secondary school pupils are often frightened and confused by the Maths homework their children bring home. One national newspaper stated that:

Many parents admit they struggle to help their children with maths topics such as long division, fractions and percentages, despite finding the subject useful in their working life, according to a poll.
Over a third (34%) of mothers and fathers think maths is the hardest subject to help their child with, ahead of modern languages, science, history, geography and English, it reveals.
And it also found that around half of parents cannot answer a maths problem designed for 10-year-olds.

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maths tutor in skiptonAs a parent myself I know what it feels like if you can’t help your child with homework. I am a Teacher, but not a teacher of Science or even worse (for me) Geography. So I understand that feeling when your heart sinks, when you are trying to understand work set by school, that your child needs to have completed.

You use Google searches and buy the latest books, and in fairness you can find answers for the “Chemical symbols” or “rock formations”. But, Maths is different. Somehow it can’t be explained as clearly by books, or YouTube which proves to be so very boring and often very confusing.

So here are a few tips:

  1. All Maths relate back to Addition, Subtraction, times and division. Practice with your child the times tables, so that you know it off by heart as well. Remember you know a lot more then you are giving yourself credit for and it is surprising how soon you remember your timetables.
  2. Always remember that there is no grey area with Math, it’s either right or wrong, so get a good book which relates directly to the Key stages your child is at or the Exam board your child is sitting their GCSE with. Each subject area page should have an:
    explanation how to do the Maths
    A working example
    Questions to test understanding
    Answers at the end of the book, so you know the right answer
  3. For example; if you are looking for Circumference of a circle, the book should have:
    A clear explanation of the different words used, circumference, perimeter, diameter, radius, pie
    Then the formulas needed
    How to find pie on your calculator
    A working example with answers
    Test question to assess understanding.
  4. Get a list of all areas covered in Maths in the coming year from your school, so you are prepared.
  5. Consider going back to Maths yourself, face your “dragons”. Take on a Course in standard Maths or even a GCSE. It is a wonderful feeling when you can answer the questions your child is asking about Maths.

Or call me on 07976290251, or message me on Facebook, if I can help with any questions you have I will. Or if you want to study Maths I can help with that too.

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