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Teachers Always Assess

teachers always assess 1st class tutors skipton

teachers always assess 1st class tutors skiptonTeachers Always Assess

This week someone said to me that Teachers can’t be Assessors, as if there was a clear distinction between the jobs roles. I disagree, Teachers are always assessing, we assess the first time we meet a student, so we know that starting point, so we can identify the main areas for development.

As Teachers, we assess throughout, observing reactions to questions asked, setting quiz’s/tests and of course using exam papers and working towards exams. We record assessment and plan development, by structured session plans and match to criteria.

Always assessing how far the student has developed, but most importantly because we want to “make a difference”.
How can I tell if I have “made a difference” if I can’t measure that difference.

Yesterday I was working with a student who is studying English Language and Literacy. I asked him how he felt things were going, so far. He said that he know his spelling was “so much better” because he had been writing in a Science lesson and he had to spell Mitochondria, I sounded it out and I spelt it correctly.  What an achievement. And I knew I had made a difference.

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