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What Is Your Favourite Book?

the goshawk book

the goshawk bookWhat Is Your Favourite Book?

I am reading a wonderful book called “The Goshawk” but this is a revisit for me. I tend to only read a book once and never revisit/re read. But the reason I revisited this book, is because I read it in my teens, it was a book that had an influence on me. Just like The Hobbit and all The Lord of the Rings books, and every Agatha Christie book I could get me hands on.

But the Goshawk was not a book I was inspired by, but a book that I was shocked by, because it is about training a Goshawk, which was and is against everything I believe in, but I learnt from reading this. I started to understand the relationship between humans and animals and the dependency that humans have on animals particularly if you are lonely. Also the fact that animals are wild, very rarely can be tamed and will (nearly always) return to the wild, because it is what they know.

I also now can understand that the book was written in a particular time and represents values of that time, and that I had to read with that understanding.

Since my youth I have read many authors, I love reading. What is important for me as a teacher is to pass on that passion to my students, it is difficult to get young children engaged with learning, and you just need the right book. Reading is important to learn objectivity, to see both sides of the story, or maybe be transferred to another land, time or even another planet. Most importantly it helps the reader see things from a different perspective.

favourite book in skipton

Tell me your favourite book and which book or books that made a difference to you?


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